Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ASC conference at NHC

Oliver Sacks will kick off the last ASC conference with a talk on creativity and the brain tomorrow night. Sponsored by the National Humanities Center, the 3-day event has an enviable line-up of speakers. All are gathered to discuss what it means to be human, and what role remains for the humanities in an area that seems increasingly to be the province of scientists.

Anthony Appiah, Princeton University
Patricia Churchland, University of California, San Diego
Michael Gazzaniga, University of California, Santa Barbara
Michael Gillespie, Duke University
Katherine Hayles, Duke University
David Krakauer, Santa Fe Institute
Jesse Prinz, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Peter Railton, University of Michigan
Oliver Sacks, Columbia University
Robert Sapolsky, Stanford University
Raymond Tallis, University of Manchester
Holden Thorp, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Mark Turner, Case Western Reserve University

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